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Can you believe it?!? Band Camp is here already, and that means Summer is over---bummer, I know. We're about to begin our collective journey on this year's show...."TOA"!! I can't wait. It's going to be hot out there, but we all know that this is the toughest thing that you'll ever love (until marriage). Good times and memories will be had by all!! Remember that all of the directors and staff are here to do one thing--Make you the best Band you can possibly be!! If you want to be a championship calibre group, you have to rehearse like one from Day One. Mr. Foster and I believe in you, and we can't wait to see what you guys do with our show this year. I expect nothing but greatness.

As you know, we make small changes from time to time, and this year is no exception. We want to implement a new Motto (insert Lion King reference here) this year. It's simple and something that we've had without really saying it, but we want the world to know it now.

Tradition, Excellence, Family is our new motto, and if you're a Veteran member, you know we live by this already. If you're new to us, then welcome to the Family!!!

I'll be seeing you soon!!

--Mr. Byrd

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